Regional Anti-Drug Education & Outreach

We can make a difference!    

The mission of the Regional Anti Drug Education and Outreach (RADEO) organization is to provide cutting edge information that is experiential and research based, high intensity and interactive, empowering the listener with information to effect change. 

Substance use and abuse is devastating lives. 

Prevention and education will change this dynamic. 


RADEO will provide the listener with the real stark truth about substance use and abuse, its evolution in society, where we stand today and much, much more. It is only by understanding this information comprehensively that we can effect change through the following strategies:


  • -Education and skill building that is comprehensive and discipline specific.
  • -Information dissemination and media advocacy.
  • -Problem identification and referral.
  • -Community based processes and outreach.

RADEO is a not-for- profit organization with State wide recognition. 


If we all tune in, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.